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Helsinki Transport

Public Transport

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) runs  reliable bus, tram, metro, ferry and commuter train services in the whole metropolitan area. You can plan your trips with the Journey Planner – and check if walking or cycling would be a better option.

The Conference venue is near to metro station Hakaniemi, as well as tram and bus stops called Hakaniemi.

A single trip comes with one hour right of transfer . It is always cheaper to obtain tickets beforehand than to buy them from the driver. You may consider buying a day ticket (1 to 7 days). Check HSL web pages for infromation on tickets and points of sale.

Taxis have a yellow TAKSI/TAXI sign on the roof, lit when unoccupied. A taxi may be called to a specific address by calling +358 100 0700. One can also go to the nearest taxi station; hailing a passing taxi is discouraged. Usually, taxi drivers in Helsinki are professional and the cars clean and spacious. All taxis are metered and cost the same – which means that all taxis are equally expensive.

For airport connections, see section Travel to Helsinki.