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Instructions to Poster Presenters

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If you will present a poster, please read these instructions. If you have any questions concerning the arrangements, please contact Sarah Shreeves sshreeve [AT] illinois.edu .

Preparing Your Poster

The ideal poster attracts attention, provides a brief overview of your work and initiates discussion. It needs to be as simple and clear as possible with an emphasis on graphics rather than text. Please follow these guidelines when creating your poster:

  1. Size: A1 portrait or landscape (approximately 60cm x 80cm) orA0 portrait only (84.1cm x 118.9cm).
  2. Your poster should be one piece and not made up of separate sections.
  3. Finish: Laminate or cloth
  4. Your poster should include title, author(s) names, affiliations, institutional logos, where appropriate, and email addresses.

We will collect your poster when you register and assign it a number.

Printing Your Poster in Helsinki

University-owned company Unigrafia provides a service where one can send them a file to be printed as a poster. One may take care of the payment when fetching the poster in Helsinki.  Monday June 2 should is the deadline for placing orders.

The pick-up point is Unigrafia’s office at Vuorikatu 3. It is very conveniently located (see Google Map) and its is open Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.

The service is at http://tilaus.yliopistopaino.fi/ws/?code=512168460

  1. Choose language
  2. Create an account
  3. Log in
  4. Select category “Posterit ja suurkuvat”
  5. Select poster material:
    1. Basic Cloth: select “Posteri – Flag Textile-kangas” – (Price with taxes 105 €)
    2. Non-wrinkle Cloth: select “Posteri – Rypistymätön kangas” (152 €)
    3. Laminated: select page 2 and there “Posteri laminoituna” (110 €)
  6. Choose poster size and packaging.
  7. Upload file
  8. Review the file and check the “Accept” box
  9. “Add to Cart and Order”
  10. Check your order and “Get quote”
  11. “Proceed to Checkout”
  12. Choose shipping order: “Nouto, Pikapaino Keskusta (Vuorikatu 3)” – should be default
  13. Check the details and place the order.

Minute Madness

Minute Madness will take place on Tuesday, June 10th. Minute Madness will be in a plenary session from 4:45 to 6 PM at the conference venue (Congress Hall).

This is a session where each poster presenter will have 1 minute to talk about their poster. A *.ppt template is available here that you can use for this purpose: https://uofi.box.com/s/uqldeuu46edz1n2cg1xv

  1. Please use one slide only.
  2. You will have exactly one minute to present this slide.
  3. Do not use animations. (You may not control the computer due to time constraints.)
  4. Poster numbers will be assigned at the conference.
  5. Please send your slide to Sarah Shreeves sshreeve@illinois.edu by June 2, 2014.

Poster Reception

The poster reception will be held in a different venue – Kaisa House – from 6:30-9:00.

See http://or2014.helsinki.fi/location for the different venues.

The poster will be exhibited at the main venue from Wednesday to Friday. The organizers will take care of moving them

Demos and Developer How To’s

Please contact Sarah Shreeves sshreeve [AT] illinois.edu as soon as possible if you are planning a demo or a developer how-to so that we can be sure to make appropriate arrangements.


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