OR 2014

Information for the Speakers

1. Before your talk

Upload your presentation, if possible, to the conference submission system (‘Your submissions’ -> ‘Final upload’) at https://www.conftool.com/or2014. For 24×7 presenters you should do this by Tuesday morning.

Check the programme for the time and location of your presentation. The OR2014 programme is available at https://www.conftool.com/or2014/sessions.php and chairs are shown for each session. Find your chair and make yourself known to them.

Many of the main conference sessions (P1A, P1B, P2A, P2B, P3A, P3B, P4A, P4B, P5A, P5B, P6A, P6B, P7A, P7B, P8A, P8B) are broadcast live online, and they are also recorded for later viewing. If you do not want us to do this for your presentation, you should let us know well in advance by sending an email to or-2014@helsinki.fi.

On the day of your presentation, please check that a copy of your presentation is loaded on to the computer in the room where the presentation will take place. You can bring it on a USB stick before the session starts if it’s not already there. If you are planning to show online demos, be prepared to do something else if there are technical problems during your talk.

2. During your talk

Each presentation room will be equipped with a PC with standard software (including MS Office and a PDF viewer) and Internet access, data projector and microphone.

In particular, you should not expect to present using your own laptop or other equipment at sessions which are broadcast to remote participants. The rules are not as strict for the Interest Group sessions, in which it is in some cases much easier to show live demos using your own laptop. However, you should make sure before the session that your laptop can be connected with the data projector without any problems.

2.1 Papers

Delegates will have approximately 15-20 minutes for presentations and about 5 minutes Q&A discussion. The chair of each session will watch time, give warnings as the time limit is approached, and bring presentations to a halt as necessary. Please heed their instructions, particularly when they wave their arms wildly!

2.2 24×7 and Repository Rants

Each 24×7 and Repository Rant presentation may have up to 24 slides and a maximum of 7 minutes. Timing for these sessions is very tight so efficient transitions and good timekeeping are essential. There is no time to switch computers or attempt network access. Practice your timing and be prepared to be cut-off at 7 minutes if you are not finished. If time permits session chairs will facilitate brief Q&A.

2.3 Panels

Panels have a total of 75 minutes including all presentations and discussion. Format is left mainly up to the panel organizers but chairs will be available to introduce, keep time and assist with Q&A.

After your talk

Unless you have already done so, please upload your presentation to ConfTool. The presentations or final versions of the proposals will be made available in a repository after the conference is over. If you don’t want to have your presentation uploaded to the repository, please contact or-2014@helsinki.fi.

Some of the best presentations will also have a chance to be issued as articles by F1000. You will be contacted if your presentation gets chosen for this.

See also: Information for Session Chairs

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