OR 2014

OR2014: Instructions for remote participation via Adobe Connect

See also: Schedule for remote participation

To remotely participate in the conference, you’ll need an Internet connection (preferably via an ethernet cable), a browser (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome work best) and speakers or headphones connected to your computer.

Using Adobe Connect is free of charge for the participants.

Remote participants can comment and ask questions by writing their messages to the chat window (lower left corner of the screen), and if there is enough time at the end of the presentation/session, some of the comments or questions will be read aloud to the presenters. If there is a lot of discussion going on in the chat window, please add a ‘comment:’ or ‘question:’ remark in front of the messages that are meant to be read aloud. (You can also discuss the presentations on Twitter both during and after the session – please use hashtag #or2014 – but we cannot relay these comments to the presenters!)

The URL for the session is in the form of https://connectpro.helsinki.fi/kk_[meeting room’s name here – see schedule].

You should enter the Adobe Connect virtual meeting room as a guest. We recommend using your own name, with the name of your organization added to the end. If there are several people following the session using only one connection, please sign in with the name of your organization and write the number of people following the event to the end of the name. We would also like to ask that the status events, eg. raise hand, step away, etc. wouldn’t be used, because they can cause unwanted disruptions in the presentation.

The AC windows cannot be changed in the remote end (barring the full screen mode in the presentation window). If there are problems with the sound, please make sure that you are connected via a cable (wifi might not function as well) and you have closed all other applications from the background. Most problems can be solved by installing the Adobe Connect add-in (Meeting menu -> Audio Setup Wizard -> Install Adobe Connect add-in) and/or restarting the virtual meeting room. If the problems still seem to persist, please drop a message in the chat window – the AC operator will try to resolve the situation!

We would like to ask you to sign in approximately 10 or 15 minutes before the event starts, so that we can test the sound and picture properly.

If participating remotely via AC is completely new for you, the following links can be useful:

It is also possible to participate with your mobile device as well (smartphones and/or tablets), the dedicated apps for AC can be found in Google Play (for Android devices) and in the App Store (Apple devices). A good 3G/4G network coverage or a wifi connection is strongly recommended.

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